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Take away

​Dishes can be ordered and picked up at lunch 12h15 till 14h and,in the evening from 18h45 till 21h. 
To ensure availability we recommend to place your order some time in advance. 

5 different bite-size appetizers €17,00 

Chicken dumplings with salad €16,00 

Small portion (6 pieces) €23,00
Large portion (10 pieces) €31,00

Thinly sliced raw fish 
Small portion €26,00
Large portion €33,00

Miso Soup (250ml) €8,00 

Meals on the Teppan
Salmon with soy sprouts and rice €30,00 
Beef with soy sprouts and rice €36,00 

Home-made Japanese ice cream
Green tea (500ml) €8,00
Azuki beans (500ml) €8,00
Ginger sorbet (500ml) €8,00

Our kitchen insists on offering the best service at all times,therefor preparation times may varie depending on quantity and time of order.